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14 October 2019
14 October 2019

PRO System

Eight-coat system for surfacing new or existing asphalt and concrete tennis courts, playgrounds or similar surfaces.

COURTSOL PRO differs from conventional coatings, not only in the quality of the resines used, but also in the unique blend of specially sized rubber aggregates, which imparts an outstanding cushion effect.
COURTSOL PRO increases play time by reducing player’s fatigue while providing an extremely reliable, efficient and accurate ball spin. COURTSOL PRO is considered by professional players as a top quality surface.

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Composition of the system :

Primer : COURTSOL Primer ES 15 or ES 40
Pore-filler : COURTSOL Resibase BP
Cushion coats : COURTSOL Cushion S1 and S2
Intermediate coats : COURTSOL Resibase
Wear-resistant coat : COURTSOL Resitop
Lines marking : COURTSOL Lines

System features :

Outdoor or indoor use.
Good colour and UV stability.
Perfect evenness and aestheticism.
Game quality and a very enjoyable playing experience.
High mechanical resistance and goodf longevity of the system.
Low glare in sunny weather.
ITF classification 3

Practical recommendations :

The coating obtained is exclusively assigned to sport practices and the players must imperatively wear the appropriate shoes (such as tennis or basket with white soles. Black soles are to proscribe).

System maintenance :

Remove tree leaves on regular basis from the court.
Sweep and/or clean with clear water at least once a month or more often according to the surface’s state.

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Curative and preventive decontaminating solution for a remedial treatment of surfaces biologically polluted by mosses or moulds.

Primer ES40

ES 40 is a creamy copolymer primer used on properly prepared asphalt surfaces as a primer and bond coat prior to the application of Courtsol acrylic textured comounds. ES40 is also used to improve eroded or weathered porous surfaces.

Primer ES15

Clear copolymer primer used as bond coat on concrete surface and tack coat to renovate old synthetic coatings.

Resibase BP

Acrylic coating reinforced with coarse sand to patch and level new or old surfaces. Mixed with cement, this superior patching compound enables correction of deep depressions up to one centimeter, as well as minor irregularities of the surface.


Acrylic emulsion with predispersed medium sized aggregates used for intermediate coats of Courtsol multicoat systems.


Acrylic emulsion with predispersed fine size mineral aggregates. Results in a fine anti-ski texture surface for sure footing and reliable ball bounce.


Acrylic paint for line marking delivered ready to use to be applied in a single coat. Available in white and other playgrounds marking colours.

Cushion S1

Special coating made of flexible resins and coarse rubber aggregates formulated to create a comfortable cushion. Used in "Courtsol Pro and Pro Plus" surfaces.

Cushion S2

Acrylic resin with predispersed fine rubber aggregates for use over Courtsol Cushion S1. It imparts a tighter surface finish resulting in player's comfort and good ball response.

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